Ginicoe is a B2B2C Technology Company

     Our Members, Associates, and Shareholders are what make Ginicoe uniquely better. As a member, you work hard on building your credit history, good name, and reputation. Out of that you should be able to buy goods and services, utilities, educational services, landlord / tenant relationships, home mortgages, bank loans, and health services everywhere without being stopped or harassed.

     You should be able to travel freely everywhere by airplane, ocean cruise, border patrol, or rail without being stopped or harassed. You should be able to compete for government benefits everywhere without restrictions to social security benefits, IRS tax refunds, Medicare and Medicaid, State Motor Vehicles Departments, Voting ID Laws, VA benefits, employment benefits without being stopped or harassed.

     Ginicoe's associates are our competitive advantage. Investing in employees, delivering value to customers, dealing ethically with suppliers, and supporting our community and our Country is at the forefront of what Ginicoe is all about. We care for our associates and want them to enjoy what they're doing. To reach one of our associates click our memberservices link. Be sure to let us know what services you are in search of.


Who We Are

Ginicoe (pronounced "Jaa Nee′ Ko" ) is borrowed from the root meaning Gini Coefficient. This is the term that measures the statistical dispersion intended to represent the income distribution of a nation's residents, and is the most commonly used measure of income inequality typically seen in the gini index.

Gini Coefficient Graph





      The coefficient varies between 0, which reflects complete equality and 1, which indicates complete inequality (where one person has all the income or consumption, and all others have none).  We invert our prices for our products accordingly because we believe the TRUE risk is not grounded in access to capital with high FICO score for BIG stores and wealthy consumers but in income equality for the middle-class and poor working man and woman with low FICO scores and small mom and pop stores and sole proprietorships.


     So for example the credit card association’s stale and outdated risk assessment charges a supermarket (where you the member are really the people who are paying) a interchange fee of 0.95 + .15 p/transaction extra provided the supermarket’s sales are less than 750 million USD annually (the corner store). On the other hand, the card association’s might charge a fee of just 0.70 +15 p/transaction provided the supermarket sales are greater than 6 Billion annually (Walmart, Safeway, etc.)


     At Ginicoe we believe that the corner store earning less than $750 million annually should pay less than Walmart earning greater than 6 Billion annually, so we invert our prices for our products accordingly because we believe the TRUE risk is not grounded in access to capital for BIG stores but in income inequality for the working man and woman – and you, our members who ultimately are the one’s paying these fees.


Scarcity is the basis of Value

     Ginicoe also acknowledges that consumer's largest creator of wealth is owning real property (real estate)¹. We also acknowledge that in today's apartheid america that their is a direct relationship between segregated clustered housing and depressed appraisal prices, gerrymandering, police abuse, and many other inequalities. We believe that one solution to achieve true income equality is through "housing integration". As such, and in lock step with our over riding business practice necessary to the safe and efficient operation of our business, we implement risk with Ginicoe Dynamic Pricing (GDP) .


     From "The Roadway to the Driveway" the GDP algorithim affects all protected group comprised of PLAHNET52 and defined as - 


Pacific Islander American                                          Hasidic Jews                            

LGBTIQA+                                                                 Hispanic-Americans                                                 

African Americans                                                     Native Americans                                                          

Asians                                                                        Ex-Offenders                                                                  

Asian Indians                                                             Tribal entities

Alaska Natives                                                           52 (5A's  &  2H's)

Alaska Native Corporations                                       See 15 C.F.R. § 1400 


      This is therefore how we at Ginicoe measure risk and thus price our products accordingly. This is another way we are uniquely better. After all, our political systems have failed miserably on the issue of rising inequality and social mobility.  Common sense tells us that income inequality retards growth. After all, if we are in a Global economy seen for example as a NASCAR race, there is absolutely no way we can win the race if only 4-cyclinders are allowed to run where the world is running on all 8-cyclinders. Here the cylinders represent you, the consumer. All our citizens must be included to win the race!


     The solutions must be in empowering ALL consumers and merchants. This holds particularly true since 75% of the United States economy is consumer driven based on consumption. Emphasis is placed on the South Eastern and Industrial Midwest of the United States where social mobility is at its lowest. We are only as strong as our weakest link. These systemic and institutional barriers to the middle-class and upper class strata must be addressed at every instance available and in every institution and system throughout our lives.


     You may elect to read more about income equality on your own and perhaps start with John Cassidy’s publication citing American Inequality in Six Charts in the New Yorker Magazine here.


What We Do

     We provide a suite of biometric facial recognition software solution to prevent id theft and fraud at the point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-interaction (POI) everywhere all the time.


We prevent

•         Identity Theft

•         Fraud


We protect our customers against


•         Data breaches                                                               •        Mishandlings of data

•         Hacks                                                                            •         3rd party data breaches

•         Data loses                                                                     •         Large threat surface attacks

•         Synthetic id fraud                                                          •         Unauthorized access

•         New application fraud                                                   •         Money laundering

•         Scams                                                                           •         …and more

•         Account takeover (ato) fraud



Who We Protect

We protect all

          Consumers                                                               Special Purpose Charter Fintech & Regtech

          Merchants                                                                Health Care Facilities

          Retailers                                                                   Doctor’s Offices

          Card Acceptance Points                                           Physician Locations

          Banks                                                                       ehealth Records

          Financial Institutions                                                Patient Records

          Insurance Companies                                              Utilities

          Thrifts                                                                       Government Agencies

                                                                                                At The City, State, Tribal, And Federal Levels 




     All your data remains confidential. Whereas Artificial Intelligence (AI) data is often sold to Public Relations (PR) firms and political Operations Research (OR) firms; Ginicoe will never sell or share your data without a Court order. See our privacy statement to learn more about How We Protect Your Data.



How it works

     All members are bound together. For example: consumers to retailers. Retailers are bound to banks. Banks are bound to the credit card companies; and so on. This concept of being my brother’s keeper helps reduce income inequality by bringing us all closer together.

Sharing of resources, responsibility, and power is what leveling the playing field is all about.


With That - Once a Consumer Uses Their

          Credit Card                                               Pre-paid Card

          Debit Card                                                Hotel Card

          Department Store Card                            Entertainment Card

          Oil Card                                                    Travel Card

          Gas Card                                                  or Any Other Similiar Card(s)

          Gift Card


At Any

       Card Acceptance Point


       Merchant Location

       Point Of Sale Terminal (POS)

       Mobile Phone Shopping

       Point-Of-Interaction (POI)


       Real – Time Transaction


That Allows

       Swipes                                                         iPad

       Chip-N-Pin                                                   Tablet

       Card Insertion                                              Apple Pay

       EMV                                                             Android Pay

       Tap-N-Go                                                     Wal-Mart Pay

       RFID                                                            Keyed Input at the Register

       Mobile Phone                                               Virtual Account Numbers (VAN's)



We then go to work for you…

     Ginicoe will electronically transmit your pre-authenticated facial image or approval to any approved retailer’s store or online mobile shopping to uniquely protect your GOOD NAME and CREDIT HISTORY against prevaricators, imposters, miscreants, and bad people.


     Our products are a PREVENTIVE layer of financial and physical security that bring you


       A backstop                                           Aid                                                    Relief

       A bumper                                             Assistance                                        Safety

       A correction                                         Certainty                                           Security

       A cure                                                  Firmness                                           Solace 

       A prescription                                      Help                                                   Steadiness

       A recipe                                               Keep You out of Danger                    Treatment

       A remedy                                             Protection



     Our products can also work with the reactionary layers sold by Life Lock™, Experian Dark Web Triple Scan™, Id theft Insurance, ID Guard™, Virtual account numbers (VAN), credit freezes, credit monitoring, EMV, fraudulent charge alerts, and SMS notifications.


Those and similar products kick-in AFTER you become a victim and feel…

          Aching                                                 Grieved                                         Sharp Blow

          Acute pain                                           Heart Stricken                               Suffrage

          Afflicted                                               Injured                                           Tormented

          Aggrieved                                            Lacerated / Cut                             Uncertainity

          At Risk                                                 Miserable                                      Violated

          Bitten                                                   Plagued                                         Wounded

          Distressed                                           Set-Backed

          Gnawing                                              Sharp Pain



     Uniquely - none of the above products perform patented facial biometrics that prevent id theft and fraud as we provide for you at Ginicoe.    


How You Are Protected

     Our US Patent 9,530,132 and 9,792,608 and pending application 15 / 706,114 grants us the humble opportunity to bring these solutions to you.


     Even if your data is stolen; the bad actor will not be able to sell your data for a profit or use your stolen data.


Q:  Why?

A:  Because, the bad actor does not look like you. This holds true, even if your "Evil Twin" attempts to exploit your good name and account number.  Our unique Facial Recogntion and Artifical Intelligence deliverables enjoy a 99.9 success rate. This is tested annually at the Twinsburg, Ohio twins day festival every year.


This is our unique SERVICE GUARANTEE to you.


     Additionally the bad actor is not approved as part of the Ginicoe family membership with your good name or your unique face.


     Identity theft and fraud affects all of us

from the Cradle to the Grave

from Amazon to Wells Fargo.



Our Goal

     Our business purpose, in caring for our customers, is to eliminate income inequality significantly in society with the use of our products. Period!



Our Values

     We promote integrity, honesty, authentication, speed, and security in all transactions.



Our Mission

     Our overriding business purpose is to eliminate macro prudential or market risk or social and / or political risk exposure to you, our valued customers.


We do this by…


Preventing identity theft at




with our patented products and services created just for you, where that practice is necessary to the safe and efficient operation of our business.


1. Real Estate includes single family homes, multiple unit structures, primary residential property, investment residential property, condomoniums, cooperative shares, apartments, rentals, townhouses, mobile homes, and any other habitable place where people live.&nbs