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     Government fraud occurs in over 430 agencies across all three branches of government that include the executive, legislative, and judicial.  Fraud occurs from The African Development Foundation to The White House. Fraud occurs from A to Z.  Fraud also occurs at all agencies across all four levels of government that include federal, state, municipal, and tribal. Thus, the multiplier effect for the government’s threat surface is 4 to the 3rd power or 64 multiplied by the approximate number of agencies of 430 equals 27,520 threat vectors x the number of employees which is confidential.



Procurement fraud is the second largest economic crime, trailing only theft.




The cost of government fraud affects all citizens, insurance companies, and customers



     If you are just starting out to protect yourself from fraud or if you are researching how you can plug up the holes in your existing layers – Ginicoe can help.


      Our Biometric Facial Recognition (BFR) software suite works as a multi-layered gatekeeper with our patented advanced Identity verification, identity authentication, and fraud transaction risk assessment. Identity verification / authentication is important for “letting your customers in” with the least amount of friction and risk. Transaction –related fraud is about keeping the “bad guys out”. Ginicoe’s patented layered approach solves this for you.




ELITE - Terrorism Prevention –  The U.SCode of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives" (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85)


The racist events in Charlottesville, Virginia led to mob violence, riots, property damage, and the fatal death of Ms. Heather Heyer. Why?  Perhaps because the organizers sought not to share PRR with members of the protected group PLAHNET 52.


How Ginicoe Reduces Domestic Terrorism:  Close the Income Gap

     Home ownership and equity with appreciated values is the typical American family’s most important financial asset, and an important vehicle for transmitting wealth from generation to generation. It is the most direct way to close the income inequality gap.  Segregation has negative financial consequence for the protected group of PLAHNET52 in the form of reduced home appreciation that starts with the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. This is the biggest price of housing segregation. This is essentially a segregation tax.


      The sharing of power, resources, and responsibility (PRR) is what will close the income inequality gap. e.g. rulemaking (power), land and wealth (resources), and trustworthiness (responsibility)  Sharing PRR is at the root of terrorism. Domestic or International terrorist either want more PRR or do not want to share PRR. Either case leads to political and social risk culminating in terroristic acts.  


     Our facial recognition product(s) focus on the “resources” (land and wealth) component of sharing PRR. Fear and fraud is what empowers us. Our members PII and facial image data are treated with the highest of integrity and trustworthiness to reduce fear and fraud.

       Income inequality between the haves and the have-nots is measured by the mathematical model known as the gini-coefficient. This is where Ginicoe derives its name and mission. It measures the gap of income inequality by Country. We expand that model to include Political Subdivision described as city, county, town, township, parish, village, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State and any school, utility, fire, or tax district, or other special purpose political subdivision of a State.


How Ginicoe Closes the Income Gap

      U.S. Treasury bonds directly affect mortgage interest rates. Our products and mission is to decouple national mortgage interest rates that are traditionally tied to Treasury Department US Bonds and now tie interest rates to local Municipal Bonds. All real estate is local. Munis are underwritten by the local bank.  We believe that municipal bond ratings by Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSRO) better captures the true social/political risk that the mortgage banks endure. A local government's ability and willingness to make fiscal adjustments and its legal and political relationships with higher levels of government can be more important to its ability to meet debt service than its economic trends or financial position. (see para 10)


     In tying mortgage interests rates to Muni’s at the local level described as the Political Subdivision defined as city, county, town, township, parish, village, congressional districts, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State and any school, utility, fire, or tax district, or other special purpose political subdivision of a State or entire MSA or community reinvestment assessment area (CRA); we believe, better captures the true risk for the issuer and investor alike. This is disruptive.

      Nothing prohibits a nationally recognized statistical rating organization from using additional credit factors that are documented and disclosed by the organization and that have a demonstrated impact on the risk an investor in a security or money market instrument will not receive repayment in accordance with the terms of issuance; 


     Examples of additional credit factors aka political/social risk are not limited to  political or social risk or civil unrest or political gridlock or instability or management turnover or perhaps as evidenced in a movement accompanied by action specifically intended to overthrow the constituted government, in riots, fires, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, revolution, government insurrection property damage, hate crime, civil rights, war, terroristic act of violence, union and labor contract disputes, Occupy Wall Street, Klu Klux Klan Rally, collapse in tourism due to civil unrest, ethnic tension, productivity, peasant revolt, economic downturn, investor confidence, road rage, default rate, civil wars, blockades of medical, food, or political expression by way of land, water, air, or technology; loss of life, trade barriers, regressive taxes, political elections that may change the ruling class, of which the underlying grounds is often the unfinished business of racism or the concentration of power, resources, and responsibility (PRR), demonstrations, picketing, property damage, consent decree, high insurance claims, debt to civil disobedience, expense to hire more police and equipment, and similar acts of civil-disobedience triggering insurance claims where all claim data is considered as “other sources” pursuant to NSRO Title II and any and all other quantifiable metrics grounded in the concentration of power, resources, and responsibility.


     It is local risks, not geopolitical risk or the Mitch McConnell led government shutdown, that affects local banks, insurance companies, and investor’s risk level at the local level. It is local risks that affect government obligations (GO Bonds) and revenue bonds ratings, repayment schedules, the local economy, unemployment factors, income, wealth, defaults, tax burden, and yes income inequality and the concentration of PRR. By objectively anchoring interest rates to municipal bond ratings at the political subdivision level, we will measure and reduce political and social risk for the financial services sector. This is disruptive. Can you say AFFH?


     To continue to enjoy appreciated value in home ownership, policy makers may be compelled to stop police abuse 

and executions of Black Men and Black Woman, calm local residents, reduce violence and maintain order, reduce hate crimes and hate demonstrations, and riots that lead to domestic terrorism. This will result in a AAA bond grade to cost effectively sell GO Bonds for policy maker’s projects combined with a decrease in local business insurance premiums due to lower risk of property damage – where the simple solution is integrated housing that is demonstrable in the sharing of PRR. We see a composite of this successful model of integrated housing in Singapore’s success as an ethnically diverse and inclusive society.


     The most direct way for Ginicoe to achieve its mission to reduce the income inequality gap is to assist our members with our Dynamic Pricing Plan, and in particular members of the protected group PLAHNET52, to build wealth through home ownership. We do this by reducing fear and fraud and integrating housing block by block and house by house and apartment by apartment where 16 critical infrastructures sectors are the target of terrorists. These attacks lead to force and mob violence.


      In focusing on the “resources” component of PRR we strive to reduce the income inequality wealth gap and reduce fear and fraud.  Within the below 16 critical infrastructures, particular attention is devoted to the prevention of fear and fraud to reduce political and social risk within the financial services sector. Ginicoe is however, uniquely positioned to function in all 16 sectors.


      If your sector is listed below from President Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential Policy Directive 21, of 16 Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience; then you need to contact us.

Chemical Sector                                                                                      Government Facilities Sector

Commercial Facilities Sector                                                                   HealthCare and Public Health Sector

Communications Sector                                                                          Information Technology Sector

Critical Manufacturing Sector                                                                  Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector

Dams Sector                                                                                           Transportation Systems Sector

Defense Industrial Base Sector                                                              Water and Wastewater Systems Sector

Emergency Services Sector                                                                   Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Energy Sector                                                                                         Federal Home Loan Bank (Freedie Mac)

Financial Services Sector                                                                       Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)

The Census Bureau                                                                               Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Food and Agriculture Sector                                                                  Veterans Administration (VA)

Plus - Procurement Fraud  As stated, procurement fraud is the second largest economic crime that leads to the fleecing of government. Defined, and not limited to, fail to deliver goods and services, overcharging government, pet peeve or pork projects to gain favor to re-elect politicians, quid pro quo arrangements, breach of contracts, cost overruns, military and prison industrial complex, and kickbacks, we prevent these events from occurring.  


     Ginicoe provides facial recognition with all purchase requisitions, approved authorized individuals, invoices, pre-authorized purchase orders conducted with credit cards. By connecting each step of your procurement pipeline with each individual’s biometric face we automate and give you complete visibility into your procurement process. We reduce your procurement fraud. We improve your internal auditing tracking and monitoring with segregated duties at each step. We improve best business practices in procurement and controls with facial recognition tied to each transaction and point of interaction. Prevention is better than the cure.


     If your agency is on the list or your products, services, mission, or deliverables are similar in nature to those listed below, then you need to contact us. 

  •   Department  of  Defense                                                                                             Department of Agriculture
  •  Department of the Army                                                                                                  - Forest Service
  • Army Corps of Engineers                                                                                                 -Animal Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Tank-Automotive Command (TACOM)                                                                    _________________________________________

__________________________________________                                                      Department of Veterans Affairs

  •  Department of the Navy                                                                                                Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Marine Corps                                                                                                                 Department of Labor
  •  Naval Sea Systems Command                                                                                     Department of Energy
  •  Naval Air Systems Command                                                                                       Department of State
  •  Naval Facilities Engineering Command                                                                        Department of Treasury

 ________________________________________                                                              Department of Education

  •  Department of the Air Force                                                                                          Department of Commerce
  •  National Guard Bureau                                                                                                  Department of Transportation
  • Defense Logistics Agency                                                                                              Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Defense Intelligence Agency                                                                       In addition to the foregoing left column and above cited Cabinet

 _______________________________________                                             Level Department, there remains over 80 independent federal

•Department of Homeland Security                                                                    agencies and activities including the following:

  • U.S. Coast Guard                                                                                                            General Services Administration
  •  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)                                                        Federal Acquisition Services
  •  Customs and Border Patrol                                                                                             Public Building Services
  •  US Citizenship and Immigration Service                                                                         U.S. Postal Services
  • US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement                                                                   Environmental Protection Agency
  •  Transportation Security Administration                                                                           Central Intelligence Agency
  • Secret Service                                                                                                                  Internal Revenue Service

 ______________________________________                                                                   Federal Aviation Administration

  • ·    Department of Interior                                                                                                     National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  •  National Park Service                                                                                                    Systems for Awards Managment (SAM)
  •  Bureau of Indian Affairs                                                                                                 Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  •  Bureau of Reclamation


•Department of Justice

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons (UNICOR)
  • -Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • US Marshalls Service




Standard - Identity Access Management  Identity, Credential, and Access Management, (ICAM) also known as identity and access management (IAM) is, in computer security, the security and business discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons".  Physical controls and physical intrusion detection is the first line of defense next to superior employee training.

Our facial biometrics augments your current security policies and procedures that may contain:

·       Monitoring:  cameras, guards, motion sensors, lighting

·       Access controls:  turnstiles, man traps, biometrics, locks, safes, containers         

      Secure construction doors:  doors, walls, bollards, fences, windows, shrubs

·       Environmental protection:  smoke detectors, sprinklers, water detectors, temperature sensors

     We can provide to Judith.spencer@gsa.gov, Agency Expert – IAM, Office of Government wide Policy, GSA –the below deliverables:


1.    We establish a trusted digital representation of an individual’s identity.

2.    We provide patented credentials tied to an individual’s identity for use in applications, transactions, and access. This is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

3.    We patently bind digital identity data, credentials, and privileges to biometric facial images for user accounts and for use in applications, transactions, and access. This is multi-factor authentication (MFA)

4.    We use those credentials in physical and logical access applications to gain access to resources.

5.    We use those credentials for other applications (e.g. securing information, data centers, safes, containers, etc.)


     If your agency is on the below list, or your products, services, mission, or deliverables are similar in nature to those listed below, then you need to contact us:


     All federal, state, city, towns, municipalities, villages, hamlets, commonwealths, boroughs, counties, and non-governmental agencies (NGOs)


All your employees, contractors, and subcontractors


Essential - Government Benefits Fraud 

     We provide identity verification to the below agencies that provide government benefits. If your agency is not on our list, please contact us to learn about our approval process.

     $5 billion in tax refunds were issued by the IRS as a result of identity theft tax fraud according to a report released by the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The report issued last year also estimates another $21 billion will be issued in potentially fraudulent tax refunds resulting from identity theft over the next five years.


Department of Motor Vehicle

Educational Assistance


Housing Assistance

INS Border

IRS Refunds

Law Enforcement



Real ID




Voter ID



     California resident Daniel Ramirez was a victim of identity theft. Ramirez tried to file his tax return online in April 2012, the system refused to accept it. The person who had stolen his identity filed the taxes before him and they were claiming a refund of about $10,000.  Dealing with the IRS, having to close fraud credit card accounts, cleaning all that mess up was very stressful, said Ramirez.



      Environmental impact studies going back to 2016 and several million dollars later led to approval of a new FBI HQ. In place of the old decrypted FBI HQ, was to be built a brand new high end luxury hotel, just across the street from President Trumps DC Hotel. General Services Administrator Emily Murphy testified to Congress that President Donald Trump's involvement to stop the relocation of the new FBI headquarters (albeit for competing with Mr. Trump’s hotel) then, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in response to the  Trump allegation that the FBI leadership "did not want to move" the headquarters. Ginicoe's facial recognition would tie the mysterious “FBI Leadership” to the point of transaction and approval/denial despite the layering of the scheme and hold all parities accountable.



     Los Angeles post Rodney King riot of April 30, 1992 whereas the verdict acquitting all 4 police officers where City’s Bond Rating is Downgraded due in part to the burden of mounting debt of hiring more police. Whereas Moody’s said the push to add more police will “exert pressure” on the budget and is a “peripheral” factor in the downgrade. If the City is forced to pay an additional quarter-point in interest [due to the downgrade], that could mean an additional $446,000 in interest expense per year over the up-to-20-year life of the bonds.  Albeit, without any local political support for tax increases.


Reprinted compliments of the LA times found here:




Protected Groups – defined in Total as PLAHNET52

Pacific Islander Americans                                                                    Hasidic Jews

LGBTQ                                                                                                  Hispanic-Americans

African Americans                                                                                 Native Americans   

Asians                                                                                                   Ex - Offenders

Asian Indians                                                                                        See 15 C.F.R. §1400

Alaska Natives                                                                                      52 (5A’s & 2H’s)

Alaska Native Corporations